Processing Lab Workshop

The first lab work in the great Processing! 🙂 Processing is a wonderful (and free ;)) tool for creating magical things with code. Processing is built on top of Java language. It is open-source and there is a lot of documentation on it available online. We have based our workshops on two great books, one

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EU Code Week 2018 & Space Apps Challenge 2018

We celebrate this years EU Code Week 2018 with the support of #GrowWithGoogle grants. We invite all students age 6-16 to join us in learning, creating and experimenting with STEAM projects. Two workshops: for the youngsters LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and for the bit older ones 😉 Processing. A recap on this year’s EU Code Week on Google’s blog: Additional

EU Code Week 2016

In the period of 20th-23rd of October 2016 in the Peace Flame House Tuzla 7 workshops will be held under the name “Peace <of> Code” organized by Art&Science Association Laboratorium Tuzla. The project is part of a global event “Code Week” which holds the idea that coding/programming should be demystified, transparent, open and available to